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Why Husband shouldn't give diet advise to their wife

Well everybody's weight change a little bit after marriage. Its very obvious and general that people put on weight after marriage and festivities ofcourse due to indulging immensely on delicious food. But is it good if you ask your spouse to shed some kilos ? Well no!! Ofcourse because not only it will lead to a uninvited argument but also it will create a sense of insecurity in the mind of the wife that her husband doesn't find her attractive anymore. As per psychologist,When one person becomes heavier, it changes the balance of relative attractiveness Researchers says that all relationships are based on this measure to some extent.According to dietitians its one of the major cause of disputes among couples .Even in small amounts, weight loss affects self-esteem, activity levels and lifestyle — all of which can either improve or stress a marriage and other intimate bonds.

Majorly if the husband doesn't know about the balanced diet plan and healthy habits he should not give unnecessary advice to his wife because following a wrong diet is not beneficial for the wife and can lead to be causative factor of any lifestyle disease. As the husbands doesn't know about the biological and psychological needs of a woman's diet they might advice it accordingly their pattern which is not correct. As the biological statures of a man and a woman is different,so the calories requirements and intake value is also different. Likewise the amount of fat loss after workout is also different. Men have more amount of lean muscle mass than woman and they have more muscular strength than woman so they can exercise for a longer time and can do strenuous workout. But for woman its quite difficult for them to do strenuous exercise. Even when opposite sex diet partners are of similar stature, the male usually can lose weight without cutting as many calories as his partner. Men owe their calorie-burning advantage to more muscle, which speeds metabolism. On the other hand a woman's weight loss may not show up on the scale as quickly her male partner's. When you lose weight, some of it is water. Men have a higher concentration of water in their bodies, so they tend to shed weight faster.

SO its absolutely alright if men do not indulge in advising their spouse to lose weight instead of that they should help them to communicate with the health professionals to adapt a healthy lifestyle

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