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Life without dietitian

The food we eat has a significant impact on our health,thus changes in diet can help prevent or control many health problems, including obesity, diabetes and certain risk factors for cancer and heart disease. Nutrition science is the science of how food and nutrition affects human health. The field of dietetics plays an important role on public health and a commitment to educating all people about the importance of making proper dietary choices.

In the fast moving world where you can get access to all the information on just one click on the screen , people are more likely to follow whats written on the internet rather than taking medical professional's advice. Sometimes for quick results people even follow a wrong diet or do crash dieting for weight loss without any health supervisor which leads to serious health issues later in life. Therefore taking help of nutritionist is very important.

Registered dietitian nutritionists are the experts on good nutrition and the food choices that can make us healthy, whether it’s a proper diet or eating to manage the symptoms of a disease or chronic condition

The dietitians play a major role in health care teams in diagnosis of patients illness and provide proper guidance to meet patient's nutritional needs and provide a balanced diet . Taking proper diet is very important for the patient as without proper nutrition absorption the medications won't work effectively.

On the face of it people think that they can modify there diet habits in their own but its not that simple for everyone. Alot of people suffer with hidden digestive disorders and chronic illness and so they need to seek proper guidance. If there would be no dietitian people will follow advice from ithers whcih can lead to confusion and conflicts leading to major problems also. THere are so many nutrition related myths which is believed by people that are actually incorrect and needs to be clarified and corrected which only nutritionists who have researched on it can do .If there would be no dietitians the people would still believe and live on with the myths related to food and products. The dietitians help us lose weight in a regulated, holistic, manner, without allowing damaging nutritional loss. Everyone is a nutritionist in the days of the mobile Internet, but to know which diet will work for your particular physiology, you need to consult a qualified dietetics expert.Therefore in the fast moving internet world where everyone is seems to be an health expert one should understand that it Is important to givE healthcare suggestions which is backed up by science and this should be done by the experts only

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