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Herbs from the kitchen to boost up your health

Herbs from the kitchen to boost up your health:

With the rise of COVID 19 in the last 2 years the world is waking up again to the importance of a balanced and nutrient rich diet in order to boost their immunity to fight against corona and omicron. And with this people have started going back to their roots of traditional medicine by taking small steps towards their trip to the kitchen and letting these simple home remedies help them in fighting those germs and keeping your body’s defenses up.

Here are some of the immunity boosting food ingredients that are easily available in the kitchen :

Cinnamon : Cinnamon has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Using cinnamon be it stick or powder helps to reduce blood sugar level by keeping diabetes type 2 in check ,helps in improving digestion and reducing hypertension.

Tulsi : Tulsi has been used widely in the past because it has many beneficial properties. It helps to cure cough,cold ,fever and prevent respiratory infections.

Turmeric: The age-old ingredient from your kitchen can work wonders when it comes to immunity. Add it in your food, milk or even your tea, turmeric helps cure wounds, clears skins, aids in digestion and benefits your bones.

It's antioxidant property helps to cleanse your skin and prevent ageing.

Giloy: This herb is a blood purifier, due to its antioxidant content. Giloy also helps in fighting disease-causing bacteria and aids in digestion.

Ginger: Gingers are used in tea widely but there are benefits of ginger which can be utilised by adding it in your diet because they are a rich source of vitamin b and have anti inflammatory properties. They are used to cure indigestion, muscular pain ,cough and constipation.

Fenugreek seeds or methi :Methi or fenugreek has been used for centuries for joint pain, constipation, bloating, weight loss, etc. It also improves weight loss, raises testosterone, boosts sperm count, and PCOS.

Like these there are many other ingredients such as amla,jeera, neem,garlic,basil leaves ,pippermint,black pepper and do many more which are present in your kitchen,all you have to do is to take a look and use it wisely. The little spice box that your mother use is a mini pharmacy containing goodness of traditional medicine passed down through generations.

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