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Our consultations go beyond the routine ( and totally flawed ) portion control, counting calories and measuring weight loss protocol. you instead track down your eating habits, daily activity, sleep hours , exercise  compliance, work hours ,etc., and we will educate you about  how food effect your health , fitness and productivity. you take control and ownership of what you like to eat and how you like to workout not just for the duration of the program but for good.

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Our ideology is to help you evolve an eating pattern that fits into your work schedule and lifestyle so that there is no question of going "on" or "off" the diet. We work at educating our clients to understand their body's requirements and to enable them to get in touch with their digestive system so that eventually they are able to evolve their own eating pattern, overcome the fears & myths associated with certain foods.

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 A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients. It is part of the treatment of a medical condition . A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet.Swasthya offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several personalized sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. Don’t wait to schedule your session today.



 Food allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs soon after eating a certain food. Even a tiny amount of the allergy-causing food can trigger signs and symptoms such as digestive problems, hives or swollen airways. Swasthya offer comprehensive plans that are catered to each individual’s needs. This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to healthy eating and living. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life.

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Jumpstart your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Nutritionist. Whatever your current diet is, SWASTHYA carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific needs.So if you want to drop your dress size schedule a session today.

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Mohit Mudgal is founder of Swasthya, also working as Chief Nutritionist at Mind frey. specializing in Therapeutic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition & Weight Management.He is Passionate about nutrition science and a strong believer in the power of foods .He aims to encourage people to start eating nutritious food, avoid eating junk, include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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The following makes our program unique:

1. The amount of time we spend with each client.

2. The emphasis on understanding the lifestyle and food likes-dislikes to come out with a long term eating plan and not a 'avoid this' plan.

3. The lifelong education we strive to provide you on your specific nutrient requirements, and explain how food helps you achieve fitness beyond weight loss.

4. The thorough grounding in our food and wellness traditions.

5. This is the only program that does not feel like a diet. It’s value lies in its sustainability; the learnings can also be shared with family members and others.

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Thanks for the amazing diet it’s easy to follow,... there is a tremendous inch loss with weight loss. I m feeling so light and I am able to do all the exercises which I never thought I could do ever !! Soooo happy for having my body transformed !feeling energetic always thanks a lot SWASTHYA team for this.

Kanika Sharma

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